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This looks like a really cool story. Very smooth and detailed animation. I would totally watch it!

Haha awesome crossovers, man! Very smooth animation. Hope none of the spidey fans get mad about the Goku bit.

Okay, I laughed pretty hard on this one. A good example of comedic timing. What's up with the unfinished purple background, though?

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Christ, this game is addictive. Been sitting on division for over half an hour. I need a breather. If you're into the app business, I would definitely download this. It's a wonderful concept.

This is some old school NG material right here.

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Excellent piece! I haven't played FFX in a really long time, but I do know that those soft keys just make me want to kiss my fingers and go "mwah." Wonderful playing. Hardly noticed the little tempo flub. Reverb was prominent enough to compliment the piece well, but subtle enough to not feel like I was in an unrealistically large hall.

You're a very talented guy, LSD! Keep on keeping on!

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

I haven't played the game in far too long either :(
I think I will replay it once I get the time :D
Good thing that the tempo fail isn't too obvious, or distracting. I usually use tons and tons of reverb on the piano, but I felt like this piece doesn't need an exaggerated amount of it; happy to see you share my opinion XD

Thanks a lot for all the compliments and for the review :3!!!

A huge improvement since the last time that I've reviewed a track of yours! I'd like to think I reviewed at least one of yours before at least. You can call me out on it if I'm wrong lol.

Piano is a little plain and dull. It's neat that it's used as a sort of chord stab, but might I suggest layering another synth behind it to brighten it up a tad? I think it could really benefit from a little more brightness and maybe harmonics.

Think you did right with the hats and kick. Some people think that widening on the drums is a big no-no, but those stereo hats during the buildup felt so appropriate for the highs. Nice use of white noise, by the way! I almost didn't catch it. The soft kick is wonderful for the drop. Not really invasive in anyway, but still holding the beat together. It seemed like it was being overshadowed pretty bad by the riser at 1:53 though, or did you do something to it while that was going on?

Pretty solid lead. Definitely fit for a rave theme. Kind of sounded like a funky eastern melody. Me likey! The other buildup leads were very good as well. It's nice that you didn't just use one throughout the mix, something I've been guilty of myself. Keeps the track fresh and doesn't bore the listener.

The 3:16 sample was a bit of a turnoff for me. Felt a bit too dry to be a big part of the mix. I think some subtle reverb and maybe lower the gain on it a smidge so it can gel better with the instruments. Or maybe use a different sample?

That's pretty much all I have to say about that. I like the username change, by the way! I think that a lot of people are going to be under the impression that you combined the words ecstasy and electricity though instead of enoch and electricity. Ciao!

EctiBot responds:

Thx alot for the awesome review Joshua :D.
Lol, yea. I think the last track you reviewed of mine was "Lucky Day" XD. I've improved a lot since then :3.
I do agree with that the piano sounds a bit too plain. It really bothered while making this actually X3. I think I'll look into it, and see if I can add another layer over it.

Really glad that you liked the hats and kicks :D. I feel pretty good about them for a change, because it's the first time I've tried to properly mix a kick and not just boost some basic kicks XD.
It's also the first time I've used more than 4 kick layers (Used 8 different samples).
I was going for a soft kick so really glad you liked it :D.
Glad you liked the lead as well :D.

I know what you mean with the 3:16 sample. I was planning on removing it actually, because it really bugged me. Might use another sample, but I think it would be better if I just remove it. It was just put there in the spur of the moment really X3.

Lol, you're the second person that have told me that my name sounds like ecstasy XD.

A pretty awesome composition! Sorry to hear you getting caught up in life. It's turning out to be a pretty tough summer for me too, man. You, however, still seem to have the time to throw out some good tunes all while servicing your country, so I guess I can't complain all that much lol.

The atmosphere is still felt with the choir and strings backing the piano, but the mix definitely lets you know that it can't achieve the level of depth you get from a recording of the actual instruments. It feels like a very ambitious track that is confined to the subpar capabilities of the keyboard. Imagine the game Gran Turismo on the Atari 2600.

That said, I really like the latter half of the track where the piano is hovering closer to the higher registers and giving the strings the chance to shine more. Made me think of the movie A,I, Don't take offense to that! It just reminded me of the soundtrack, which I actually liked, just so you know. It could sound nothing like the soundtrack and I just happened to remember that movie while I was listening to this. I don't know...

My point is, hold on to this and keep it for when you have access to all your fancy soundfonts. I think this is something that would be worth sitting down in your studio for.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Yeah, it sucks pretty much to have to spend most of my time in southern finland in a war training camp -_-
You're having a though summer too? It's pretty odd, but almost everyone I've talked to seems to have a lot to do this specific summer o.O Weird...

I have like 30 old pieces or so that are recorded but have not been uploaded to Newgrounds :p
I don't think I'll upload all of them, but at least many.
If this piece was ever orchestrated it would indeed sound much better, with real instruments and everything! At the time though, recording things on my piano and transferring them to audacity with an RCA (AUX) cable was the only way I could record music XD

I usually try to vary the registers between both low middle and high in my songs, so they don't get too monotone. I actually don't remember whether I've seen A.I. or not. If I have seen it, it was long ago :p Maybe I should take a listen to the soundtrack :)

I do intend to do something with this composition in the far away future. I like the composition enough for that :D
Thanks a lot for the review, Joshua!

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Very surreal! I'm just loving how I can't find out where the first mouth ends and the second one begins. What could possibility cause you to have the entire top row of your teeth removed?

linda-mota responds:

i'm not sure. sometimes the dream teeth crap kinda meld into one entity so sometimes it's hard to remember. i think someone convinced me to do it, or the top teeth were falling apart ad they needed to go.

Great illustration! The texture of the snout is a bit weird, but is that really the focus of this piece? Omnidirectional blood everywhere!

arosart responds:

Thank you Joshua! This was used for a compact disc cover image so the omnidirectional blood goes well with the circle format. As the snout, you are right, i just exagerated the texture really.. guess i was trying to make a contrast with the soft textured skin.

Neat! Purple dragons are definitely in short supply around here.

AshleyAlyse responds:

Haha, thanks! :3

This is @FinaLee.

Josh @JoshuaHughes


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